Kayak Bass Fishing the Lower Pecos River - Trailer

Robert Field journeys down the Lower Pecos River in Texas

The infamous Devil's River in the southwest Texas desert near the border of Mexico tops many kayak anglers' bucket lists. But its lesser known sister, the Lower Pecos River, doesn't get much media attention. Two years ago, Bert and Dan Rodriguez attempted to paddle the 56 miles from Pandale to the Pecos High Bridge. Halfway through their trip, flash floods upriver caught up with them, forcing them to abandon their kayaks and gear and climb out of the deep canyon to be evacuated via helicopter. 

Now, two years later, the father and son duo have returned to the Pecos to attempt the expedition again. Robert will tag along to document the trip, and their foursome is rounded out by Daniel Underbrink, an experienced outdoorsman who has paddled this river several times.

The group will encounter scorpions, rattlesnakes, wild mustangs and mountain lions as they navigate almost constant rapids up to Class III in this inhospitable landscape. Oh, and they'll catch plenty of nice bass along the way.

Watch to find out if the crew can make it to the end and help Bert and Dan finish what they started. The full miniseries will air in Spring 2017.

Thanks to Wilderness Systems, NRS, Accent Paddles and Railblaza for their support of this film.