Kayak Fishing: Surviving the Pecos River - Part One

Robert Field joins three others to attempt a 61-mile kayak fishing expedition down the Lower Pecos River in Texas

Two years ago, Bert and Dan Rodriguez attempted to kayak fish their way down 61 miles of the Lower Pecos River from Pandale Crossing to the Pecos High Bridge. Halfway through their trip, flash floods trapped them at their campsite, forcing them to abandon their gear and evacuate via helicopter. 

Now, two years later, Bert and Dan have returned to the Pecos to finish what they started, and they've invited me along to document the trip.

We'll encounter wild mustangs, scorpions, debilitating heat, endless rapids, thunderstorms and plenty of largemouth bass along our route. 

Come along for the adventure in part one of this four-part miniseries. 

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