5 Tips for Deer Hunting Over Feeders

As an avid whitetail enthusiast sitting in a blind watching over a wildlife feeder, I believe you can benefit from these tips

I thoroughly enjoy watching whitetails and especially enjoy hunting over feeders here in Texas. Deer feeders have given my family, friends and I so much in return for the amount of energy and cost that I have put into them. They are far from free and even more expensive in cost and time to keep them performing properly, but worth every nickel. It's not rocket science, but I would love to share with you what I have learned through trial and error so you to may enjoy hunting that big buck as much as I. Perhaps there are those among us who would love to capture that world record buck on their live deer cam. As an avid whitetail enthusiast sitting in a blind watching over a wildlife feeder, I believe you can benefit from these tips.

1. Upon arrival at the ranch, I like to check the function of my feeders immediately, before going to the hunting stand. It is very common to discover a relatively simple problem that is easily remedied before a spoiled hunt.

2. I like to set my deer feeder timer to trigger 30 minutes before sunrise and 90 minutes before sunset. Doing so lets you take advantage of legal whitetail hunting time in the a.m. and allows for a quality deer hunt during the evening. I have experimented with other times such as 10:00 a.m. or noon but it seemed to draw in more turkeys than deer.

3. I have utilized owl decoys to keep the turkeys away but they had minimal effect. I do have my deer feeders activate around 11:00 p.m. during the off season to help that big whitetail buck claim his territory. We all know the big deer move at night and this helps to make him comfortable to the environment. If interested, hog hunting at night makes for an awesome night hunting experience and your guest will love it.

4. When setting up your stand, remember that guests may accompany you deer hunting from time to time which is great. However, their shooting skills might not be quite as good as we would like. So I try to put my stand no further than 100 yards from the deer feeder and downwind as well so they will have a comfortable experience. Sharing your white tailed hunt with them will leave you forever honored in their memory bank.

5. Once your hunt has been a success, always remove your big trophy buck from the area before field dressing. Leaving behind innards and such will have a negative impact to the area by emitting unusual odors and drawing in varmints, encouraging deer to leave and avoid the area, possibly for several weeks.

I feel following this particular lead could result in one successful deer hunt into another. My guests and I harvested over 30 white tail deer under an intensive quality deer management program using one deer blind and two deer feeders with no ill effect on the hunting area. The more we shot, the more they kept coming. So I believe this system is a very valuable quality deer management tool as well as offering a satisfying hunting experience. Happy hunting and may yours be the bigger, better buck.

Bonus Video - Whitetail Buck Fight!

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