Women in the Outdoors

Hunting is part of my fabric as an individual...my fabric is camo!

As a female hunter, I want to connect with other women that share the same passion as I do. I have found that a good way to connect with other huntresses is through the vast social media network at our fingertips.

Personally, I have connected with great women who share the same passion and it makes me even more excited. I encourage all women who have even a slight interest in getting started hunting to pursue all outlets possible. p>

In a recent interview with Eva Shockey, when asked "What was next," she stated that women were. It is no surprise that now more than ever, more women are sporting camo and heading to the woods. This just gives me even more zeal for the sport of hunting. Women need to realize that there isn't a competition between male and female hunters, but rather an equal respect between us for the outdoors.

I believe that women are just as passionate about hunting as men; for me it is a part of my fabric as an individual. That is why I so encourage fathers to take their young daughters into the field with them and for husbands to introduce the concept of “camo” to their wives. Hunting isn't a blood sport, it’s a lifestyle! While you will get dirty, who says you can't go into the woods looking like you just modeled for Realtree? Women aren't the next big thing, we are NOW!

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