The River - A Look Back

Hunting is a sport that gets in the blood and stays there for a lifetime...

Hunting on the Trinity River my entire life I have learned to hunt through some difficult times and situations. I can remember being a young boy and Dad picking me up from school on a Friday evening. We would head home to the river, jump into our loaded air boat and head for the flats.

I will never forget the serenity and peacefulness of being on the open water with the sun setting and watching thousands of birds flying down on the winds of a northern front. It was just us, my father, my trusty dog Starr and the birds. We would sit and watch wondering what opening day might bring.

It was a time when there was an unspoken waterfowler's respect, a time when decoys could be left out the night before and a time when you always knew who was hunting where. A time when sky busting was unheard of and boats buzzing through your spread just did not happen.

Hunting is a sport that gets in the blood and stays there for a lifetime; a healthy addiction that our youth can enjoy. Hunting keeps families together, forms a bond between a father and son like no other, builds understanding and respect for our incredible natural resources and so much more. Let's do what we can to instill and promote this legacy and heritage so that it will continue to be passed down generation after generation.

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