Dove Hunting: A Legacy

Dove hunting over a small stock tank with a good dog. Doesn't get much better!

Labor Day. The start of a season. Fall is on the way. The smell of burnt gun powder, cigars, wet dogs, feathers and cool the crisp taste of a Corona with a lime wedge. Dove hunting. Legacy.

This is a lifestyle I crave and cannot live without. I look forward to dove hunting and the rich legacy surrounding hunting. Hunters and outdoorsmen can feel it when they pull out their shotgun, rifle or bow or when the first cool front rolls in. We have chill bumps...not from the air but the anticipation of getting lost in an activity and legacy that brings us back to our core. Who we are. What we want to leave behind. It feels right. Feels like home.

Get out there this season and dig in. Enjoy these activities that we are so blessed to have at our fingertips. If you don't have a history of hunting or fishing, start today. Bring your friends, your kids, your spouse, co-workers.

Dove season marks the start of my favorite time of year, and as your publisher I am going to enjoy the heck out of it. I hope you do the same!

Hunt Hard. Fish Smart. Explore Texas!

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