Top 13 Rules for Hunting With Kids

Get it in your head that “shhh” and “speak quietly” really don't mean anything to a kid. It just produces a lot of small giggles

In 2002 I was introduced to the world of kids with the birth of my daughter. In 2004 dropped my first son and then in 2006 dropped the second one. Doing the math, that’s a whole lot of kids in a short period of time. Being the outdoorsman that I am, I was eager to get them hunting as soon as I could. So bear with me as I share my top thirteen rules for successfully hunting with kids.

1. When they are real young bring plenty of snacks, drinks, colors, and coloring books for time sitting in the blind.

2. Time to sign up for those CrossFit classes your always wanted. It is amazing how much 4 chairs, 3 pillows, snacks, drinks, colors, and coloring books can weigh. Oh yeah and bring your gun and bullets!

3. Opt for the biggest box blind you can find. Believe it or not 3 kids can sleep on the floor of a good box blind. Make sure there is no owl poop on the floor of the blind!

4.Opt for the box blind 20 feet in the air….gives you a fighting chance that the animals you are pursuing wont smell you, the kids, crayons, gold fish crackers, or juice boxes.

5. Remember in a hunting situation, it is okay if you color outside of the lines.

6. Train and train often in patience so you can answer every known and unknown question on the face of the earth. Such as, “Daddy why is that bird brown? Why aren’t we seeing anything? Can we go home? What is on that cows butt? You get the point. Oh yeah, and make sure to practice with your gun as well.

7. Get it in your head that “shhh” and “speak quietly” really don't mean anything to a kid. It just produces a lot of small giggles.

8. Be on high alert when the whining to go home starts…in my experience that is exactly when the biggest buck, hog, or turkey will walk out.

9. Gun safety… it is okay to have 3 kids sitting on your lap looking out the blind windows…as long as no bullets are in the chamber and the gun is in a safe location. You didn’t think you would really need it did you?

10. If you're predator hunting, remember practice, practice, practice.

11. If you're rabbit hunting, try not to coincide it with the Easter holidays.

12. If you're dove hunting….hmmm bring more snacks and drinks that you think you will actually need.

13. Never bring a friend hunting, your kids will think he is a better hunter than you are!


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