Catch Stripers on Texoma

Lake Texoma has some great cold weather fishing and the potential to produce some of the biggest fish of the year.

Stripers feed on shad and I’ve actually witnessed fish blowing up on baitfish on the surface. This is pretty rare for this time of year. Texoma has a heavy concentration of gulls through the winter months and locating actively feeding birds is key to finding and catching stripers.

I usually begin fishing the backs of creeks with a good concentration of gulls. When the birds raft up in open water, it’s a good bet that baitfish and the accompanying predatory stripers will be close by. If the birds aren’t actively dive bombing the surface, it’s time to study sonar closely and look for big pods of shad.

One of my favorite winter baits is the Roadrunner jig with a worm trailer, color preference is white or chartreuse, or a combination thereof. On windy days I use jigs as heavy as two ounces, when targeting stripers close to or on bottom. On calm days, one ounce jigs will usually suffice.

A good place for newcomers to the lake to begin their quest is the submerged Red River Channel, a mile or so either side of the Willis Bridge. Sometimes I prefer tricking stripers with artificial baits clients, but live shad dunked along the submerged river ledges is a preferred method for anglers not accustomed to casting. Texoma is well known as a producer of big blue catfish and it’s not uncommon to connect with a trophy blue or two on a striper trip this time of year as well.

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