Hunting 50 Years Ago...

Taking a look back at what hunting and the outdoors were like 50 years ago.

If you hunted back in the 50s, you most likely remember how difficult it was to stay warm. At that time, dressing warm by many standards was wearing 2 pairs of jeans, multiple shirts, and a red hat. For the feet, it was almost the same. Many of the hunters wore work boots and 2 pairs of socks. As I can remember those days, about the only thing that is still around today is that wool was one of the better products. I remember arriving before daylight on a stand and praying for 8 am and the sun to come up and warm things up because I was SO cold. Now we have insulated underwear, thermal clothing and boots, thinsulate gloves and hats, and have realized that wearing a scarf isn't really bad either.

For a knife, the most popular pocket knives were either a Case, Buck, or Kabar. If you had one of these, you were with the in crowd.

In the part of the country where I hunted white tail deer, many people used either a Marlin or Winchester carbine. If you saw a scope, you knew the person was either well to do or had really saved to buy such an accessory. Some people even used the shotgun with slugs. There was also a group of outlaws that hunted in this area that hunted illegally with dogs and shotguns with buckshot. Blackpowder and archery were at that time nonexistent.

As for wilderness camping, many of the hunters would begin using a tarp to build a lean-to and sleep and sometimes cook there also. Others would use a tent of some sort that varied from a small Boy Scout tent to the elaborate large tent that you could park your car in. The sleeping arrangements also varied, but many times began with campers sleeping on the ground. Tents became more affordable and of better quality, so many hunters would use one tent for sleeping and another for cooking. As far back as I can remember, the Coleman gasoline lantern and cook stove were part of the required hunting equipment. Today, many of the camps have evolved into fancy travel trailers or if not, rather elaborate tent cities with generators and even live TV for entertainment. Most of the old time hunters don't really desire to return to the "good ole Days".

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