Meet the Alligator Gar King Bubba Bedre

Texas is the alligator gar capital of the world, and this man is the guide to rule them all.

Texas has the best alligator gar fishing anywhere! The world record is from Texas and the most exciting monster catches happen in the Lone Star State. Not too many people would dare argue with such solid evidence. This is where Bubba Bedre, FishBrain ambassador for Texas, has carved a name out for himself as one of the top monster anglers from his home base of Trinity River, this man has made the dreams of hundreds of people come true by guiding them to the catch and the thrill of their lives.

Bubba's record Alligator gar is 8' foot 3'' inches long and weighed over 230lbs: "It was caught by John Paul Morris in my private lake... It can be seen on display at the Bass Pro Shop”, Bubba writes in the catch report.

But Bubba has an agenda. Not only does he care about giving adventurers the time of their lives, but he also uses all the attention that he garners from his very unusual job and lifestyle to evangelize about his catch and release beliefs: ”It is our obligation to teach about conservation and proper catch and release methodology. We catch and release as many gars as anglers have the energy to fight with. We catch and release them using small hooks to do less harm to the prestigious fish and to make the fight with fish be really even”.

Simply put, his mission is to catch these amazingly beautiful monsters while inflicting no harm to them, therefore he has dropped gar bow fishing- a practice that he regrets having popularized. This is the reason why he uses several platforms to preach his message: "One of my preferred ways to promote what I do is through the FishBrain app, the world's largest social network for anglers- having followers that are interested in what I do makes me be able to have a positive influence on their behavior”. And that he does, as he acts as mentor and guide to his thousands of followers on FishBrain.

Be sure to check out FishBrain and join the 750,000 users that make up the world's largest social network for anglers and follow Bubba .

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