Buck Advisors advice on Early Bow Season Stand Locations

During the early bow season everything is changing for a deer…and the hunter. Where should you hunt this year? Join The Buck Advisors’, Weston Schrank, as he reveals three killer early bow season stand locations.

I know those whitetails are about to or have already shed velvet, broke bachelor groups, and are moving from those soybean fields and working their way to different areas of their home range. If I am early enough I can catch the bucks on their summertime movement in beans and summer food plots, so that would obviously be my first choice in stand locations especially if I’m patterning a mature buck there. For those states with really early season opening dates like Kentucky, please do us a favor and pattern a buck in beans and kill him while he is still in velvet!

For those guys in states with October seasons or later, your choice in stand location would obviously have to be acorns or setting up in a large flat of white or red oaks. When those deer start moving away from the bean and corn fields they start warming up for the pre-rut. Apart of this is seeking acorns on oak flats, I know by scouting which trees have acorns whether it’s white or red oaks, I’ll at least know where those deer are when they disappear from the fields.

The third place I like to hang a stand is in a thick sanctuary or bedding type of area. I don’t want it to actually be bedding, I know better than to pressure deer early in the season but more of a thicker or fuller undergrowth under a canopy that still allows movement is desirable, places just outside of where the deer beds is also great. I’ll do this because I want to key on those natural food sources like briars, and forbs that you find in early successional type habitats. These areas provide food and safety. I know once the season heats up it will only be more and more human pressure for deer to deal with in that open timber, or crop fields.  A lot of guys call that time period the October lull, this stand is for that period, when you’re not seeing deer in food plots, or in oaks, there’s a good chance any daylight movement is secluded.

These are my three area of focus for hunting the early season, for more information on hunting the early season, or anything else white-tailed deer find The Buck Advisors online at http://www.scout.com/outdoors/whitetail-deer/

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