When the Crops come down, deer move their home ranges (part 1)

When the crops come down, deer pick up and move their home range…If you are not ready for this switch you will be left in the dark. Join Buck Advisors’ , as he reveals this switch and how to catch bucks movements across your property.

Well its September 20th, youth season is next weekend here in Indiana and archery season starts the 1st of October.  We are ready for the season to start and now it’s just feeling like the days are dragging on before it actually opens. Today we have some big news, the corn next to this 70 acre farm is being combined, which is huge for us. During the summer we didn’t get a single picture of a buck mainly because we didn’t have the crops here to hold them. The nearest commercial bean field is about 1-2 miles down the road I know our bucks are in those beans and most likely bedding in the corn fields like the one behind me. This corn being cut today is huge for us this week, and I expect to see bucks returning to our property within just hours or days from today, getting them settled in just before the season starts.

In preparation for what’s soon to happen after the corn comes down, we set out several trail cameras across multiple properties, including a new 150 acre property we picked up that my soon to be uncle owns. We expect some good action on this farm and again big crop fields mean a lot at this farm, in anticipation for the corn being cut we set out what we call “the wagon” on the edge of a pasture and corn field, should be great spot for the upcoming youth season and some decoy hunts later in the year.

We will update you soon on what we get on our trail cameras in response of the harvest today as well as bringing you some youth hunts and archery hunts soon including updates on where and when we will be hunting each week. You don’t want to miss the action in the next episode! 

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