Youth Takes First Deer With Head Shot!

First deer hunts create the best memories for any soon to be deer hunter….but a head shot on video? Amazing! “I shot it and it went down instantly”. Join the Buck Advisors in accepting and congratulating Tristan Howard into the deer hunter’s ranks with a job well done!

Youth season opens in Indiana on the 26th and 27th  of September. This year Justin Howard, with his sons Tristan and Rutker Howard were ready! A lot of time was spent this summer in the blind seen in the video filmed at Creeks Bend Farms. Knowing that there was a good chance of deer movement close enough for a shot with summer observation and trail camera photos, they decided to climb up in the blind for the night. The wind was perfect, scent control was in place, and everything was set for a perfect hunt!

The action was slow until the light started to fade. Then the deer got on their feet, and the hunt heated up….too fast! With limited time, light, and only a few seconds before the deer was too far under the stand, Tristan got the iron sights of the 20 gauge on the deer. When Justin gave the go ahead, Tristan pulled the trigger…

“I shot it and it went down instantly” said Tristan. Explaining perfectly what happened after the shot. With a perfect head shot Tristan dropped the deer in its tracks! No track job…just celebration first with his brother and dad, then with the whole family!

With Tristan’s tag filled, Rutker is up next…this time Tristan has a video camera in hand to catch Rutkers first deer hunt as well. The fever has taken ahold of Tristan and with his first deer we welcome another to our ranks as the blessed and obsessed! Great job and congratulations Tristan!

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