This is your last chance to plant fall food plots, get it right!

September is your last chance to plant food plots. Getting this right can mean a lot of food and attraction for whitetails on your property during the fall and winter.

Well this morning we are out on my 70 acre Indiana property about to plant fall food plots. Last night I came in with some help and cleared the remaining trees of this small ¼ acre plot and cleared some shooting lanes to our stand. After we cleared the tree we sprayed the little bit of clover and rape that was left in the plot.  The rain destroyed this plot with a lot of weed growth, plus it takes a couple years for clover to really get started so I opted to burn it up and plant our mix of oats and rape in for the early season.

As you know from previous videos, we came out and sprayed the weeds in this soybean food plot, we had a good kill so I am overseeing our mix on top of these beans just to add more food and attraction for it. You might remember half of this plot has been browsed and the other half hasn’t been touched. This is going to cause this mix to grow great on one side and most likely shaded out on the other unless we pull the fence off.

We are still unsure of our strategy as far as the fence is concerned and whether or not we are saving the majority of the plot for late season pods, or letting it down for October and November. Our decision is going to mainly come down to what bucks we are seeing on our trail cameras over the corn we have just set out for September on the upper food plot.  If we are getting great bucks coming in we may opt to take down the fence if we feel confident we can get on them in the first couple of weeks.

So my next video in this series will be pulling those cards on the trail cameras on this property and the new pumpkin farm property, and really seeing what bucks we have, develop a hit list, and really start patterning those bucks to determine how and where we will hunt them.

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