Last minute scouting and patterning to find “The Buck”

The season is nearly here, last minute scouting and patterning can be crucial to your success this season. Join The Buck Advisors’, Weston Schrank, as he covers his last minute scouting and preparation for this whitetail season.

We’re out this afternoon doing the last bit of scouting we need to do before the season opener here in Indiana which happens to be the start of October. Today we are on the new hunting property which I guess I should probably give a name by now we have been on it so much…. Thinking about just calling it the pumpkin farm…for good reason one of the big hit list bucks at least the biggest buck we think on this property is named pumpkin. Like I said he is the biggest buck we think because to tell you the truth we have only seen two bucks here… we’ve had a trail camera out in a couple different spots but haven’t got bucks yet.

So that’s partly why we are out here today to set up a trail camera in what I think Is the best location, were going to put some corn out to see if we can’t see who and what is moving through the property and figure out what the basic population is out here, but we still have enough time to get what information we need. Were in Indiana so obviously we are going to make sure that corns out 10 days before the bow opener. Now we are also out today to scout acorns… looking around for which trees are loaded this year and what type of acorn is falling this year.

There is a section of white oaks and really hoping to see that they are loaded because if they are putting a stand there would literally e a great spot to hunt at….the deer come through the bottom here by the creek and look to either go up to the alfalfa and wheat or they go to the beans and corn…and the white oaks are right in the center, when four or five things come together like this, you will see big bucks.

After scouting we found that the white oaks are going to few and far between this year but the reds are on! This will give us a solid lead on which section of timber the deer will use. We found a nice tree that will work with a wind from the west. We actually found another great location for a set, it’s a ridge top above the bottom creek, where the deer will be funneling through, and I think we will actually be able to catch the funnel as well as deer going into the bean field and corn field across the little finger of woods. We know they’re bedding area is just up the other side of the ridge, with the right wind in this case being an east wind, it will put us in a great spot. With these two stand location we have a stand for each type of wind east or west with any north or south in it.

This is definitely a big part of the puzzle in killing pumpkin or another buck on the property. The final, pieces of the puzzle will obviously be what our trail camera tells us. So were finishing up here make sure you check back with us next week to see what we are getting on trial camera and where we plan on hunting for the season opener and the rest of October. To get to the hunt section and watch more even more videos like this just go to

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