Chasing Big Bucks in the Hoosier State – Part 2

Back in action on a food source in the afternoon, the guys are in a big buck hot zone. But will warmer weather keep the bucks on lockdown?

The bedding area on this sit is 100 yards behind us to the west, bean field to the east directly in front. The wind was good for most of the hunt, but this afternoon was hot, 80 degrees…not sweating was our main goal.

We knew we had a good chance of seeing a 4 year old 9 point that frequented the area. Whether he came out or not before dark was up to him, but taking a risk shooting a doe was not a concern. Shooting does early is one of our main management goals for the early season….and it fills the freezer. With that said we planned on slinging arrows at big enough targets.

The night started out as planned. Again just as the morning started out some fawns were the first to make their way through the shooting lanes followed by several deer including one 2 year old buck filtering out into the field. An hour later a big doe found herself right under the stand in frame of the camera and Nathan’s sights.

With the sure sounding crash about 50 yards behind us we elected to stay in the stand a bit longer to see if the 4 year old would make an appearance. As the light faded and wind switched we went ahead and got down to find the doe.

We plan on killing several more does to meet our management objectives as bucks continue to shift to fall home ranges in response to crops and photoperiods. Continue to follow our hunts and tips throughout the season by downloading the free scout app on your mobile and following The Buck Advisors under outdoors. 

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Steve Smolenski
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