Have We Lost Our Way As Hunters │ Why Do You Hunt?

Have we lost our way as hunters in today's society? Here what The Buck Advisors' Jeremy Flinn discuss why he hunts, and what he has changed in the last two decades.

Visit any hunting forum or deer hunting related social media post, and you will find what I am talking about. Since when did we become such a criticizing group? It's amazing how many ways your deer can be too small, too "fenced," or even too unethically harvested. So you never made a bad shot, good for you. I have, and I have lost deer. But I have also lost many hours of sleep over those deer.

As I get a little older and a little wiser, I feel like the success of hunts measured in inches of antler, number of deer seen, or deer shot were done in a way that a took my hunts for granted. I should have taken those hunts for the time spent with friends and family, the experiences in nature, and the freedom to hunt such amazing landscapes.

Now we face a tougher situation. Other hunters making us feel like we have done wrong. There is no picture safe of social media, whether young or old, buck or doe, and gun or bow you will have a negative comment. It's sickening. Out of all the stuff hunters can do to each other (trespassing, stealing cameras) this ranks just as high in my book. It's a public display of disrespect to the hunter, and the harvest. It needs to stop.

I know my hunts will be looked at differently, and I will support any hunter who legally harvests game, and truly appreciates the experience and the bounty.

Jeremy Flinn is also the Chief Marketing Officer for Stone Road Media, enhancing the digital marketing for hunting, fishing, shooting & tactical.

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