Coyote Ambushes Turkeys But Gobbler Stands His Ground

The Buck Advisors' Weston Schrank is out scouting turkeys when a surprise runs in. Watch the coyote come in and ambush the turkeys, but the gobbler stands his ground!

Spring is here and my trigger finger is itching! It was a normal work week, until the landowner called to tell me there were several turkeys in the back hay field. This was music to my ears, I had been itching to do some turkey scouting for quite a while, I grabbed the camo, camera equipment, and headed off to the property.

Even when turkey scouting I liked to be prepared, I had normal camouflage on with only my face and hands exposed, knowing that even this was too much I elected to also grab the Carbomask, I’m not big on facemask, and the Carbomask face paint would be fast, easy on and easy off to get back to work, just enough for a quick scouting trip! I crawled out with just the tripod and DSLR, through half of the field and into a pine stand. I slowly got on my knees, saw the tom, and began to film and take pictures. As seeing as I was still a good 70 yards out, I was concentrating on trying to get the best film I could. I was starting to play around with some yelps, cuts, and kee-kee calls just to mess around, and happened to be switching mouth calls when I looked up to see a coyote with 15 yards trotting closer to me. He never saw me, he never smelled me, and he was clueless until I reached up to the camera to start filming. This is where I really hated to see him…he busted off, but before exiting the field he decided to be a pain and bust the turkeys off the field. The hens flew off but the tom stood his ground. After the coyote and tom exited the field the trip was done.

I packed up the equipment, got home, took a wet rag and washed off the face paint in less than 30 seconds and looked at the footage. To my surprise the coyote had ran right through the frame before I noticed him, making some pretty cool footage and a very surprising spring trip!

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