Ground Blind Setup Tips

The final month before deer season should be devoted to constant preparation. This includes setting up ground blinds for deer season. These ground blind setup tips should help out.

4 Step Process and Ground Blind Setup Tips

       Step 1 when setting up a ground blind is to pick a good location, it takes a while for deer to get used to a ground blind in different settings, so get it out early. In this video the clover is going to be very attractive when the crops are harvested during the early season. A fall food plot has also been planted, so turnips and wheat are coming in. This create some late season attractants which will be a make this food plot and ground blind location a good spot all year-round.

  Step 2 and the second ground blind setup tip is after deciding location, go ahead and set the ground blind up determine the access to it. In this video we only have access to the west side of the property so it only makes sense to put the ground blind on the west side of the plot where we can slip in between dense cedars without disturbing the food plot. When it comes to ground blind setup tips, one of the best true tips is to critically think about access routes.

       Step 3 is brushing the ground blind in. In this video two trees needed to be cut down. The leftovers of lane trimming or clearing should be used to brush the blind in, especially since we are using this Muddy VS360. One advantage of using a different ground blind such as a bale blind, is you can entirely skip this step as deer get used to it faster.

       Step 4 is critical, and that is to not hunt and bother the spot. In this video a muddy trail camera is put up. The trail camera will decide when to hunt out of the blind, besides food plot maintenance, the blind or food plot should not be disturbed. This will ensure minimal pressure and human sent.

If you pay attention to all these steps and these ground blind setup tips, they will go a long way to ensure you have success this fall.

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