Tis The Season

The Newhall Locker is located just 20 minutes west of Cedar Rapids.

The Newhall Iowa Locker gets some amazing deer in for processing. These four came in and is a testament of the quality of deer that are harvested in Iowa each year. Deer hunters in Iowa, especially bow hunters cherish their hunting tags to try and harvest some of the largest deer in North America. These deer become known as Dandy's. In other words, when filling your tags, "make sure its a Dandy" always is mentioned to remind your hunting partners that we only have one Dandy tag. Iowa is also home to several meat processing facilities that specialize in Venison. Newhall Locker is known for their quality processing and are famous for their Pepper-sticks with or without Cheese and Landjaegers. Newhall Locker is locally owned and operated by Dave Sutton. He has over 25 years of meat cutting experience and is currently the president of the American Association of Meat Processors.

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