Eco Pro Jared Lintner Heavyweight Flipping Jig

This jig forced me to become a believer in the benefits of tungsten for bass fishing in jigs.

It took me a while to become a believer in the benefits of tungsten for bass fishing, but I haven’t looked back since. Eco Pro provided us with a Jared Lintner Heavyweight Flipping Jig to review and it is one bad dude. Throughout my testing, I’ve found 4 really cool features that make it a must-have for the upcoming spring fishing season.

•    Fewer hang-ups

•    Very sensitive

•    Sturdy skirt band

•    Heavy duty hook

•    Durable

Doesn’t get wedged into cover

Tungsten in much denser than traditional lead, so these jig heads are much smaller than lead ones. It looks a little strange when you first see the jig because a 1/2-ounce Jared Lintner Heavyweight Jig has the same head size of some 1/4-ounce lead jigs. This is a good thing, however. You can flip and pitch these jigs into very thick cover without a big, bulky piece of lead getting wedged between limbs or thick grass stalks.

Even though the name says “flipping” jig, I absolutely love casting this jig to deep brush piles. The small head comes through deep cover nicely and allows for a very subtle presentation without jerking and pulling it through cover.

Crazy sensitivity

Tungsten is much, much more sensitive than lead and you can definitely feel the difference with the Heavyweight Flipping Jig. You can easily distinguish all types of bottom compositions while also feeling small, subtle bites with ease.

Some of the biggest jig fish I’ve ever caught have hit it like 12-inchers, so I’ve got a ton of confidence that this jig will let me feel those timid big bass.

Skirt stays in place

A lot of jig skirts fall to pieces after numerous fish catches, but so far, the Heavyweight Flipping Jig’s skirt has remained intact—no rubber strands littering my boat carpet and none floating in the water. You can wrestle big bass from the thickest cover on the lake and the skirt won’t fall apart.

Every now and then, you may have to adjust the skirt after catching a big bass, but it’s never caused any problems for me. If you’d rather not fool with it, simply add a small drop of glue where the skirt meets the band.

Strong, sharp hook

The Heavyweight Flipping jig comes with a premium Mustad hook that penetrates fish excellently. You can get your jig in the nastiest stuff on the planet, but it doesn’t do you a bit of good if you can’t get a hook in a big bass.

The Mustad hook doesn’t bend or break, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your jigs. The Heavyweight Flipping Jig barely gets hung up, but if it does, you’re still going to have a hard time bending the hook.

Durable jig head

The tungsten head of the Heavyweight Flipping jig is coated with a specially sealed paint, making it extremely durable. I like to fish jigs around a lot of rocks, but many jigs get scuffed up after a couple hours. I casted this jig around a lot of deeper rock and rip rap without any scuffs or cracks in the paint.

If I were you, I’d try a few of the Eco Pro Jared Lintner Heavyweight Flipping Jigs. They retail from $4.29, which is a very competitive price for any tungsten product. I believe you’ll feel a big difference.

The Eco Pro Jared Lintner Heavyweight Flipping Jig is available at

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