How to Rig the Neko Rig for Bass

Do you rely on a drop shot or wacky rig to catch finicky bass? If so, you'll want to learn the Neko rig, a unique finesse system that's smoking bass across the country.

If you want to consistently catch bass, especially on pressured waters, you need to have some rods cocked and loaded with finesse rigs...but bass have seen an endless procession of some of the most popular, namely the drop shot and wacky rig. Meet the Neko rig, a presentation that combines the best of the drop shot and wacky rig, into a simple and efficient system that fishes deep, shallow, in open water, or cover. Unlike a wacky rig, nail-weighted Neko rigs quickly gets to where the fish are, while imparting the same deadly action. Moreover, it keeps the bait on bottom while suspending your knot and leader above abrasions like mussels and rocks.

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