How to Find and Catch Offshore Bass

What’s better, bass fishing shallow cover, or taking the hunt offshore? Todd Faircloth presents his rationale for offshore, and how he goes about finding and catching the motherlode. With a staggering 5 Elite Series wins to his name, this is worth the watch!

This five-time Bassmaster Elite Series champion is a huge proponent of targeting bass offshore, be it the Great Lakes Region to the Deep South. The principle is the same everywhere, after the spawn, baitfish and bass seek cooler, better oxygenated water, and these environments usually occur around main river channels (ledges) or main lake basins. In fact, Todd estimates somewhere around 70% of the bass population lives offshore during the warm-water months. So, how do you find and catch bass in the open expanses? Without visual references, you need a command of your electronics, both sonar and mapping. Contour lines serve as highways…find the intersections in structure, and you’ll find bass bunched up like traffic at a 4-way stop. After you find em’, Todd breaks down his 2-pronged crankbait and Texas rig approach to trigger the school into biting.     

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