KVD’s Secrets to Power Fishing Spinnerbaits

The need for SPEED! Most of us feel it from time to time, and so do the bass. KVD presents some killer how-to on burning spinnerbaits that WILL help you catch more shallow water bass.

As KVD states, "You don't just cast a plastic worm out and reel it straight in, you work it, you shake it, you jig it. A spinnerbait is no different." Power fishing blades like the Strike King Burner applies to any situation when fish are shallow and actively feeding, but burning and aggressively working spinnerbaits really excels in the fall when bass are relating to grass beds on expansive flats. As Kevin contends, no lures category allows you to fish faster to find that small bunch in a huge area, then trigger them with irresistible flash and vibration.   

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