Using a clip can have many benefits in bass fishing lures

Why to Not Use Split Rings on Bass Fishing Lures

Boyd Duckett never uses a split ring on crankbaits. See why he prefers another method of attaching his bass fishing lures.

Bassmaster Classic Champion and Major League Fishing pro Boyd Duckett believes he increases action and the ability to change colors more quickly by using a small clip versus a split ring on his Rat-L-Traps and other crankbaits.

“I really do not trust split rings to attach crankbaits, as I have lost too many fish over the years when the line get pinched in them,” Duckett said. “Going to a small clip or snap gives the bait more action, especially with ‘Traps,’ and they eliminate the concern over the line pinching in the ring when I snap it out of grass. I also like the ability to change out baits more quickly with clips. I can try 4 or 5 colors in a spot where other guys have to retie or have 4 or 5 rods on the deck. I use a high-quality stainless steel clip, and I've never had a single occurrence of one failing.”

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