Improve Your Fishing Game with Pro Patterns

Pro Patterns offers a highly educational and all-inclusive look at the official practice periods of the world's top professional anglers.

Avid bass anglers are always searching for ways to get an edge on the fish and Pro Patterns offers a very unique and highly educational platform. Cameras follow every move of high-profile professional anglers as they practice for upcoming tournaments. You’re able to see their decision making process, learn how they break down unfamiliar waters and pick up cool tackle and rigging tips. We really enjoy watching these videos! 

There are some cool things going on right now with Pro Patterns that we wanted to let our readers know about. Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Enter the promo code “wired” and save $100 off of the “Exposed” bundle. You’ll get three DVD collections and an Elite membership for one low price. 
  • The all-new Season 4 DVD is on sale right now. 
  • There’s a free fishing photo drawing through December 10. 
  • Impressive holiday specials on DVDs and merchandise. 
  • Season 5 streaming premiers in January, so get your Elite membership and enjoy all of the premiers for free and compete in a new season of Fantasy Fishing.

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