Phantom Lures Acquires Dakota Lure Company

Expanding beyond the muskie market is Phantom’s goal.

Phantom Lures, widely known for its design and manufacture of tournament-winning muskie lures, has announced the acquisition of the Dakota Lure Company. Dakota Lure Company, a brand very popular among walleye and bass anglers, is the maker of high-quality crankbaits and stickbaits, including the VooDoo Shad.  

“Phantom Lures aims to expand its finishing lure business into the walleye and bass markets,” states Phantom Lures CEO Roger Neilson, Jr. “As a result of the Dakota Lure acquisition, Phantom Lures will be able to offer a wide selection of proven lure designs, including crankbaits and spinnerbaits, to augment our muskie products. We have been impressed with their quality and performance and look forward to growing the sales and distribution of these baits.”

Dakota Lure currently offers four models of the original VooDoo Shad Series: two models in the VooDoo Stinger Series and new-for-2015 three models of the VooDoo Stix and Abyss Series and new for 2016 will be the Intimidator Soft Spinner, which will come in three sizes.  The attention to detail in the paint and finish work, and high-quality components on each bait, truly make these lures one-of-a-kind, and that fits perfectly with the kind of quality lures Phantom is known for. 

All existing operations are in the process of being relocated to the Phantom Lures corporate offices in Ramsey, Minnesota. Going forward, Dakota lures will be marketed under the Phantom Lures brand; however, the existing hand-crafted bait and product development will not change.  Same phenomenal products—just a new name.

Stay tuned to the Phantom Lures website for the addition and transition of all the great Dakota Lures products in early 2016.

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