Power Fishing Jerkbaits in Cold Water [Video]

Justin Lucas’ cold water jerkbait fishing approach runs contradictory to conventional wisdom, but he thinks you’ll catch more fish doing this…

Jerkbait fishing in cold water has long been considered a painstakingly slow process. Jerk-jerk, followed by a LONG pause often lasting 10 seconds or more. But it’s tough to fish this slow, especially when bass are scattered. Elite Series pro Justin Lucas thinks you can have better success fishing much faster, even down to 40-degree water temps. Justin divulges a pile of good tips, ranging from how he works jerkbaits, size and color selection, and the affordable rod reel and line combination that he uses anytime he reaches for a jerkbait. Featured product: 1) Berkley Cutter Jerkbaits, 2) Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 rod and 3) Revo SX casting reel

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