How and Why to Fish a Storm Wiggle Wart [Video]

There’s few lures that achieve iconic status, but the Storm Wiggle Wart is one of them for the reasons discussed in this video.

Hunting, hard wobbling, rattling, crawfish — all words that describe characteristics of this legendary crankbait. Elite Series young gun Brandon Palaniuk believes the Storm Wiggle Wart is one of the finest lures you should be fishing during the springtime cranking bite. He’s also a strong believer that some lures create fish-triggering vortexes, or a unique flow of water around the lure that fish can’t resist. Call it luck or engineering, the bait just plain works. Brandon shares some unique approaches to fishing the Wiggle Wart, such as slow cranking in extremely shallow water. It’s an overlooked tactic that helped him place runner-up in the 2013 Bassmaster Classic. This video is loaded with tons of underwater lure running shots that show the Wiggle Wart in action!

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