Rig Plastics on Jigs Perfectly Every Time [Video]

It can be difficult to get soft plastic lures like swimbaits rigged perfectly straight and natural on a jighead, but it doesn't have to be. FLW Tour pro Michael Neal makes it easy with this quick tip.

Most soft plastics lures are designed to achieve a very specific action in the water. It's our job as anglers to rig these lures so that we're getting the most out of them. Threading a soft bait on a hook becomes an important task for all fisherman, but easier said than done, right? Well, we really like this simple tip offered up by FLW Tour pro Michael Neal, and think you will to. Rather than just guessing where the hook should exit the plastic after threading, how about marking the exact location? This technique ensures your plastics are rigged straight as an arrow every time.

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