New Wired2fish Premium Membership Program Offer

Access private fishing message boards, get a new fishing hat, decals, exclusive content and more through Wired2fish membership program now with a free 30-day-trial offer.

Today we are announcing the Wired2fish membership program. We’ve tried to build the most helpful fishing community we can, especially for all things bass fishing related, and we’re expanding that now with a membership program for friends and followers of Wired2fish.

The first thing to be noted is we will NOT start suddenly charging for content that has always been free at Wired2fish. So you’re still going to get all the articles, videos, reviews, tips, news, tournament coverage you always have for free. But we want to give you more if we can in other ways. And, this program will enable us to do some things for Wired2fish fans we've always wanted to do. We've been investing in new technology, expertise and equipment to improve and increase the production of fishing information for you.

So we’re developing some new content in addition to what you already get for free, especially around our premium message boards (forums). We’re trying to build our message boards as a useful way for anglers to get their fishing questions answered, meet other anglers, and foster a useful resource for all anglers. We answer thousands of emails and private messages a year, and we’ve been looking for a better way to get those answers out to all anglers. The message boards will serve that function better for the community. The premium message boards will give you direct access to the staff at Wired2fish as well as other top anglers around the country.

You can find the Wired2fish Message Boards here

As an annual member, you will receive the following: 

  • Wired2fish hat
  • Wired2fish decals
  • Exclusive access to our private message boards
  • Access to new exclusive Wired2fish member content (detailed below)
  • Discounts on exclusive Wired2fish gear
  • Discounts on sporting event, concert, amusement park and movie tickets
  • Access to all premium content across the entire Scout Sports Network

New content we will be providing for members:

  • Reader mailbag Q&As (ask us your fishing questions and get them answered)
  • First Look (a look at the latest in fishing tackle in our offices daily)
  • Behind the Scenes (insight into events and shoots from our exclusive vantage point)
  • Video Tutorials (long form video tutorials on advanced topics like marine electronics, boat rigging, specialty bait rigging, etc.)
  • Hangouts (chat with us live on a regular basis)
  • Teaser videos from the most recent shoots
  • Our fishing videos (we’ll take you on our personal fishing trips)

As an introduction, we are offering a free trial to try before you buy into our membership program (no credit card required). 

If you received your free trial invite by email, simply log in to Wired2Fish by clicking the "SIGN IN" link in the top right of our home page. Use the email address that we sent the message to reset/set your password at this link.

If your invite came via Facebook or Twitter, simply go to the free trial sign-up page, and fill in the form according to the instructions there. 

Note that there’s always a possibility we already have your email in the system if you had ever signed up with Wired2Fish or Scout in the past or joined our mailing list. If that’s the case, there's no need to fill out the form again. Simply click the SIGN IN link as described above!

Thank you for being a fan of Wired2fish. We’ll continue working hard to bring you the most useful fishing information daily!

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