How to Catch Big Bass on Paddle-Tail Swimbaits

Terry Bolton shares his insights on using paddle tail swimbaits like the new Zoom Swimmer to catch big bass suspending and moving up and down in the water column.

Paddle-tail swimbait have been proven to be terrific catchers of big bass. In this very informative video, FLW Tour pro Terry Bolton shares his insights on how he fishes for and catches big bass on paddle-tail swimbaits on lead swimbait jigheads. In this video he is fishing the new Zoom 5-Inch Swimmer swimbait on a 1/2-ounce VMC Swimbait head. He's using heavy-power Lew's Custom Speed Stick rods with high-speed Lew's Tournament Pro reels and 17-pound Sufix fluorocarbon. The video is full of great big fish catches and useful information for anyone wanting to learn more about fishing swimbaits.

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