FLW Tour Pro Terry Bolton Breaks Down How to Fish a Floating Worm for Bass

The floating worm like the Zoom Trick Worm is a top finesse presentation for much of the year. It's also cheap and easy to fish, as FLW Tour pro Terry Bolton shows us in this action-packed video.

Terry Bolton demonstrates the effectivement of the floating worm for bass during the spring, but as he explains, it's a presentation that works the entire year. He catches several fish in this video using the Zoom Trick Worm in bright colors. He discusses the various rigging options, retrieve methods and color selection considerations to trigger bass under different conditions. This is a finesse presentation, so rod, reel and line also factor in, with Terry opting for spinning gear and braided line. Equipment used: Lew's Custom Speed Stick, Lew's Team Pro Speed Spin Spinning Reel, and Sufix 832 Braid in 10-pound test.   

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