Big Smallmouth Bass Actively Spawning [HD Underwater Video]

A mature pair of smallmouth bass do the mating dance in this beautiful video. It's uncommon to catch nature in this intimate moment, but gives us pause to appreciate the biology of the fish and the importance of caring for the resource. Enjoy!

A renewable resource on display, this mating pair of smallmouth bass didn’t seem to mind the camera. Wired2Fish’s underwater ace Kyle Peterson thought the camera was going haywire when the big female smallmouth started shaking. Closer inspection revealed she was laying her eggs when flanked by the smaller male. Fan nests, nip and roughhouse, resume position in bed, lay eggs and milt. REPEAT. Pretty darn cool - we were fortunate timing-wise to catch this spectacle in action and happy to put it on display for the Wired2Fish community. It’s pretty easy to see why the post spawn can be a difficult time for fishing. These fish are exhausted come the end of the spawn.   

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