Finding and Triggering Bass with Glide Baits with Swimbait Aficionado Brandon Coulter

These hard and jointed swimbaits are some of the most effective lures for finding and triggering trophy bass. Brandon Coulter shares some secrets to his success with the Glide Bait lure category.

Elite Series and 13 Fishing pro Brandon Coulter has a lot of confidence in big glide baits, especially in clear water. As Coulter explains, “regardless of if they strike, these jointed swimbaits intrigue bass, which often follow the lure boat side on the cast.” This benefits anglers, as it reveals the presence of, and often the biggest bass in the system. Brandon shares some details on where and why to expect bites during a typical cast and retrieve, and how he works the lure to trigger fish. This is heavy and specialized bass fishing, so we discuss gear specifics to handle heavy lures and huge bass. 

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