Jenko Fishing Booty Shaker 8-inch swimbait / Jason Sealock

Jenko Fishing Booty Shaker Swimbait First Look

A new big-bodied, soft-plastic swimbait made to fish on exposed swimbait heads.

I’ve been playing with a new soft swimbait called the Jenko Fishing Booty Shaker. It’s been a fun swimbait to fish with and learn what it does in the water. Swimbaits have different behaviors in the water based on plastic density, shape, tail size and the head its on. So it always takes me longer to figure out what a swimbait does well and not well compared to say a crankbait or a soft plastic lure.

The Booty Shaker comes in 5 sizes from 4-inch up to a whopping 8-inch soft plastic swimbait. The 8 inch is a huge hunk of molded plastic. You’re making a serious commitment to throwing a big swimbait when you throw that size of this swimbait.

I got 4, 5, 6 and 8-inch Jenko Fishing Booty Shaker swimbait / Jason Sealock

The colors are unique on these swimbaits. Olive shad and white shad are my two favorites. My favorite size has been the 6-inch for fishing deep, and I’ve been throwing the 4-inch a lot since August as the bass have really been keying on smaller baitfish. 

I’ve fished the smaller ones on swimbait hooks with belly weights, but I definitely like this swimbait better with a jighead because the plastic is so thick. I feel like a big exposed top hook gives me a higher probability for hookup with this swimbait.

I caught some solid fish on the ledges with the Booty Shaker this summer / Jason Sealock

I would suggest this swimbait in one of two applications. I liked the 6-inch size with a 1-ounce or 1 1/2-ounce head when I was fishing deep ledges deeper than 15 feet. The tail is big on this swimbait. You have to have a significant weight to keep it down in the strike zone. It makes it a good shallow swimbait when you want a little extra kick, say in stained water like we often see on the TVA fisheries.

I think this swimbait excels in water 10 feet or less. It has a good profile and kick so I like it when I can swim it down in 5-8 feet of water and feel like I’m covering more of the water column and strike zone. 

Booty Shaker 4-inch back profile on AA Worms head / Jason Sealock

The second application I’ve done well with the Booty Shaker is shallow bass feeding on small forage. I fished the backs of the creeks when the lake got high in the middle of the summer. The 4-inch Booty Shaker worked really well for fish roaming on those flats in the backs of the creeks and schooling on small fry around the lake. 

At 4 inches, the Booty Shaker is still a lot bigger than other offerings you might throw so it still gives you that appeal to a big fish without being unruly casting in shallow water. I could roll cast it around targets and fish it fast or slow depending on the water clarity. 

Love the Olive Shad Color of the Booty Shaker / Jason Sealock

The Booty Shaker swims best at a medium to slow speed because of the exxagerated kick of the tail. But I think guys will like the consistency of the plastic, the colors and the action of this swimbait on a variety of swimbait heads. 

You can order the Booty Shaker at or at retailers that are picking up these new swimbaits daily. For now, take a look at the Booty Shaker in action underwater.

The biggest fish I caught on the Booty Shaker was a nice 6-pound plus bass. / Jason Sealock

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