Spybaiting Essentials Volume 2 was just released by Duo Realis and really breaks down everything you need to know to fish the technique effectively.

Spybaiting Essentials Volume 2 Video

Great tips on new pressured bass fishing technique.

Here is one of the best videos we've seen on spy baits and spybaiting for bass in clear waters. David Swendseid, product specialist for Duo Realis walks us through proper rigging, presentation, situations as well as best practices including top-shotting, rod orientation, speed and more.

Swendseid himself held the Washington state record bass caught on a spy bait for a period. He's got as many hours with the technique as any angler and shares valuable insight on how to fish spy baits with great success in this well produced video from Duo Realis. 

You can see more videos on spybaiting on their DUO Realis YouTube Channel

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