Find and Trigger Grass Bass With Lipless Crankbaits

Just because a lure has treble hooks doesn't mean it can't be fished around grass. Here's how and why to fish lipless crankbaits around isolated grass clumps.

Grass beds thin out in the fall and early winter months, but if you can find isolated clumps, you'll find bass. A lipless crankbait like the Strike King Red Eye Shad is an effective tool for covering water fast, but also allows you to slow down around pockets and clumps. Making contact with the grass and ripping the crankbait free is a surefire way to get bit. Elite Series pro Dennis Tietje walks us through this pattern, specifically what to look for in weed clumps this time of year and how to work the lure and rod to fish clean and trigger bites. 

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