Wacky Worming With a Jig: A Beginner's Guide

Stetson Blaylock explains why a wacky worm fished on a jig just may be the most versatile finesse presentation available

More often than not, finesse presentations out fish faster power fishing methods, and they catch plenty of big fish too. FLW Tour and Elite Series pro Stetson Blaylock loves a wacky worm, and goes into detail on pairing your favorite wacky worm on a jig. The wacky jighead rig provides several benefits over a weightless wacky worm, namely it gets the plastic deeper much quicker for mid-depth fish. Enhanced action, simplicity of rigging and snag resistance in rocky areas are other benefits. Stetson covers all of this plus how to fish this system in a range of situations. 

Stetson's Equipment Listing

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