Methods for Jighead Swimbait Success With All Bass Species

Ryan discusses the different ways to fish the highly effective jighead swimbait combination for big bass of all species.

Swimbaits rigged on a jighead are one of the most versatile multi-species lures in the world, and have become a bass angler mainstay for their universal appeal to all bass species throughout the country. Ryan is chasing deep water smallmouth bass in this video, but demonstrates how to fish jighead swimbaits shallow and mid-depth too. Manufacturers are producing swimbait lines in several sizes, colors and weights, allowing for quick experimentation to dial in the perfect combination. This was our first trip with the Storm 360 GT Searchbait, which features a unique detailed head design that integrates tightly with a custom body. It's a pre-rigged swimbait ready to go right out of the package.  

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