Earn $1 Million to Stop Asian Carp

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is offering a substantial reward for anyone who can come up with a viable plan.

Who said a fisherman can’t get rich? This is an intriguing story reported on by Wired2Fish contributor David A. Brown for Outdoor Life. 

We all know Asian carp can wreak havoc on even the most storied fisheries. They breed at an astonishing rate and eat unbelievable amounts of phytoplankton and zooplankton. 

The problem is simple: Everything these Asian carp eat feeds native game fish species. These game fish contribute a lot of money to local economies—$7 billion annually for the Great Lakes. Not to mention, they often jump out of the water and can seriously injure recreational boaters. 

So desperate times call for desperate measures. If you can come up with an effective plan to put a hurt on the Asian carp population, you could become a millionaire. You can contact the MDNR with your idea(s) here

Check out David A. Brown’s full piece here

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