Footage courtesy of Anton and Alex Babich

Pike Freezes While Eating Largemouth Bass

After an incredibly rare discovery while ice fishing, brothers Anton and Alex Babich recorded themselves cutting the dead pike and bass from the ice.

We've seen photos of big bass with other large fish stuck in their throats, but never before have we seen a pike--frozen in the ice--with a big bass stuck in its mouth. 

While ice fishing on Indiana's Wawasee Lake, brothers Anton and Alex Babich ran across an extremely rare spectacle, which resulted in this post:

The post started going viral, but as with any cool fish photo on the internet, Facebook users started questioning the validity of the photo. Some called it fake while others used the popular "Photoshopped" accusation. 

Determined to prove the naysayers wrong, the brothers did what any logical anglers would do: They returned to the spot and recorded themselves cutting the fish out of the ice.

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