Lew's Releases Mark Rose Series of Ledge Rods Including 9-footer

Lew's releasing 6 new Ledge Series rods under Mark Rose Signature Series including a 9-foot rod.

Coming off of historic back to back wins to start the 2017 FLW Tour season, Mark Rose has helped Lew's design a new set of ledge rods that fit his style of fishing.

The Rose selection features six casting models and one spinning, with his namesake Ledge lineup becoming part of Lew's top-of-the-line Team Lew's Custom Pro rod series.

"I've relied on Lew's reels for years, but I can assure you there's been nothing on the market like these rods until now," said Rose, who has long been recognized as one of the best open-water anglers in the country.

"Targeting ledges and other offshore structure require different rod blank and tip actions for certain baits ... it's all about lure control and the feel of what's happening down there.

"Lew's allowed me the opportunity to get these rods exactly the way I wanted for these types of applications. The resulting seven models represent my countless hours spent fine-tuning blank diameters, lengths, actions and number of guides to get everything about each rod just right."

Rose's casting rods range in length from 7 feet, 2 inches, to 9 feet, with actions varying from medium to heavy. Each model is named according to its intended purpose: Jig & Worm, Swimbait, Small Crankbaits, Big Crankbaits, Magnum Crankbaits and Long-Range Crankbaits.

The 9-footer is designed for long distance casting with big baits, and is collapsible for storage convenience.

The Rose series spinning option is a 6 feet, 10 inch all-purpose ledge rod.

"For examples of lure sizes in mind for the small, medium and magnum crankbait rod actions, think Strike King's 1.5, 6XD and 10XD. And the spinning action is ideal for bigger shaky head offerings, Ned Rig-type baits and such," added Rose.

Like all Team Lew's Custom Pro rods, Rose's models are manufactured using Lew's exclusive Nano technology. The process features an internal multi-layering of resins and graphite to deliver a lightweight blank with superior strength and maximum sensitivity, made possible by an outer core of 85-modulus graphite.

The new Rose casting rods are easily distinguishable from other Team Lew's series by having full-grip handles instead of split grips.

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