How to Fish "Harness-Style" Boot Tail Swimbaits

Here's a detailed look at how Elite Series pro Chris Zaldain employs boot tail swimbaits as search tools for big bass.

Swimbaits are all the craze for big bass these days with high-end glide baits getting a lot of the press. Chris Zaldain's go-to tournament swimbait for numbers of bass and kicker bites is a 6-inch and 8-inch Megabass Magdraft, which has a ton of fish-triggering tail and body wag throughout its length. Unlike jig head-rigged swimbaits, the Magdraft has a single belly treble hook attached to internal wiring via a torque-reducing swivel. Chris discusses how wind conditions send him reaching for this style of swimbait, as well as the type of cover he targets with it.   

Zaldain's Equipment Listing:

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