KVD on Swapping vs. Sharpening Dull Crankbait Hooks

Neglected crankbait hooks are a surefire way to lose bass. KVD shows us how to correct the problem with this quick replacement tip.

Crankbaits are KVD's go-to lure category on tour, and he treats treble hooks with equal respect as the crankbait itself. Constant grinding of bottom cover is the norm, so treble hooks are constantly dulling and loosing their hooking effectiveness. Rather than resharpen, KVD prefers replacing, as the factory point is sharper and chemical finish more resistant to dulling than resharpened hooks. He walks us through the speedy process, which requiring nothing more than some extra Mustad KVD Triple Grip Treble Hooks and a needle-nose pliers. 

Equipment Listing:

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