Cliff Prince Toyota Bonus Bucks

Prince Still Earning Money from Okeechobee Fishing Tournament

Find out how to make money even when you don't win the tournament with this contingency program.

Florida pro Cliff Prince had a great tournament at Lake Okeechobee. He finished 3rd and won $20,000 from B.A.S.S., but his 28-year allegiance to Toyota has lead to even more cash dividends.

As a result of being the highest finishing registered participant in the Toyota Bonus Bucks Program, Prince got paid $3,000 from Toyota.

“I’ve had Toyota Trucks since 1989 for hunting, fishing and work,” says Prince.

“There’s no doubt when I heard about the Bonus Bucks program, back when I was fishing as a co-angler in the Elites, I knew I’d buy a new model Tundra, I already loved Toyota, and Bonus Bucks is a really cool program for tournament fishermen,” says Prince.

Prince’s loyalty to Toyota doesn’t stop in freshwater. “I also love my Tundra because I can pull my 30-foot Contender saltwater boat with it, without having to buy a big diesel.”

“I think you could make the world turn on its axis if you had a rope, a post, and a gopher hole, to pull the globe around in circles with a Toyota Tundra,” grinned the Palatka, Florida pro, whose primary sponsor is tractor sales and service dealer called Futch’s Depot.

“We’re just a Toyota family,” says Prince. “My daughter is about to start driving, and we’ve already got a Camry to use as her first car.”

Like Cliff, you don’t have to win a tournament to win the “Bonus Bucks” – you just have to be a registered participant in any of the dozens of tournaments sanctioned by Bonus Bucks, and be the highest-placing participant. To learn more and get signed-up, please visit or phone (918) 742-6424, and ask for Jessica or Kendell and they can also help you get signed-up.

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