A Better Way to Fish Senkos Faster for Bass

Jason Sealock talks about a simple trick Gary Yamamoto showed him years ago that enables him to fish a Senko faster.

Gary Yamamoto shared his simple, yet effective, system for rigging and fishing a Yamamoto Senko for bass years ago with our Publisher, Jason Sealock. Sealock has been fishing it this way the last several years and found it to be more efficient than straight wacky-rigging or weightless rigging a Senko. Nearly everyone that fishes with him now converts to this method of fishing a Senko or soft stickbait after watching how well it fishes, skips and how quickly you can cover water with this simple rigging method. Here he shares how he rigs the Senko, the hook system and how it still skips well but fishes faster than conventional rigging methods. 

Products used in this video:

Yamamoto Senko

Owner Weighted Twistlock Light (also uses a VMC Drop Dead Hook or a Mustad PowerLock Plus hook

Abu Garcia Revo MGXTreme

Fenwick Elite Tech

15-pound Seaguar Inviz-X

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