How to Read Different Fish Finder Sonar Technologies

From entry level to the high-end, today’s electronics come packed with powerful imaging technology. Here’s how to read and understand what they’re showing you.

We teamed up with Jeff “Kolo” Kolodzinski of Humminbird to create this detailed sonar video tutorial. The featured product is Humminbird’s Helix-12, but the concepts will help you regardless of fish finder manufacturer. Kolo breaks down how to read and interpret what side imaging, down imaging, and two-dimensional (2D) sonar are showing you, and how they can improve your fishing. We filmed real-time drone and underwater video of screen readouts to show you what rocks, weeds, fish, and bottom hardness changes look like on the screen, from the air, and below the water so there are not questions as to what you are seeing.

Please leave comments and questions on the Wired2Fish YouTube Channel. Let us know what you’d like to see from an electronics perspective, and we’ll get some fresh video shot.

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