From The (Frozen) Dawghouse

One would think by now burnout would have set in. It has been a long, wearing and wearying run since SEC Media Days. Heck, starting at return from the Gator Bowl, with June baseball and football season, I drove nearly 11,000 miles last calendar year. And yet I'll watch closing ceremonies on this football season tonight, same as last night's bottom-rung bowl. Addiction, that's what it is.
January 6, 2014

Jackson Bowing Out As History-Making Bulldog

It's not easy for an offensive lineman to make history. Just getting noticed is tough enough for grunt-and-shove guys. So achieving a true ‘first ever' and earning an armful of awards speaks to Gabe Jackson's impact. Now, if only he'd, you know, brag a bit on himself? "I can't do that! When we start doing that then you're fixing to mess up!"
December 9, 2013

Bulldog Post-Game Notebook-Nov 16, 2013

It's become almost routine, the anything-but-routine weekly shuffling of Bulldog quarterbacks. The difference this time was lack of Dak Prescott for an entire game, after suffering a ‘burner' to his left side on a tackle late in the Texas A&M game.
November 17, 2013

The Little Prince

From a childhood on the move to the death of his father, Isaac Lapite wears more than just a Nigerian crown on his brow as he returns to Eugene to face the Ducks.
September 25, 2013

Clausell Enjoying These Opening Week Jitters

Never mind he's done this opening-day drill before, or has 24 college games with 17 starts under his belt. A new season has Blaine Clausell as fidgety as any freshman. "And I'm just ready to play, I've got jitters now just talking about it."
August 26, 2013

Jackson, O-Line Finishing Spring Camp Fast

If Gabe Jackson seems comfortable going about his business this spring, well, he should be. Not, not so much because he is entirely established in his starting guard position. It's from the familiarity he finds to one side.
April 18, 2013

Robinson Keeping Tackle Competition Close

There were some clues the chance was coming. Still, seeing his name listed first at right tackle last week caught Damien Robinson by some surprise. "I found out just then really. I thank God that He gave me the opportunity to be on the starting line, and I hope I stay up there."
April 8, 2013

Smith Lining Up A Fine New Years Day Finish

Tobias Smith has only himself to blame of course. He knew LaDarius Perkins would not forget the promise made, by Smith and fellow linemen, that before this season ended their backfield buddy would reach 1,000 rushing yards. But to have this first taken as a promise, and then proclaimed publicly? "I wasn't expecting that!" Smith admitted.
December 11, 2012