Top 10 NFL Draft Busts of the Decade

Picking a bust in the first round of the NFL Draft is every General Manager's greatest fear. With the draft just hours away, we take a look at the top ten busts since 2005.
April 30, 2015

Jaguars Preseason Breakdown- Offense

Anyone can read the bottom line on SportsCenter and see that the Jaguars dropped their preseason opener to the Eagles, 28-27. For those with a thirst for expert analysis, JagNation breaks down the Jaguars offense in Friday's preseason game and here's the report on how the guys actually played.
August 15, 2010

Jaguars Practice Blog

The open to the public portion of Jaguars practice is now completed, and the team appears ready for actual instillation and some unfamiliar opponents. Find out who the team is looking at, how some position competitions are going and a new Jaguar.
August 7, 2010

Jaguars Camp Competition - Wide Receivers

What is seen by many as a team weakness could indeed be a strength this season for the Jaguars assuming some of their young wide receivers step up. We will examine the team's wide receiving corps and break down who will make the team's final roster.
July 26, 2010

Another Chance at Receiver?

At the NFL Combine, Tampa Bucs head coach Raheem Morris told reporters that wide receiver Antonio Bryant's career as a Buccaneer is over. While Bryant comes with a lot of baggage, he's a very good wide receiver.
February 25, 2010

Another Chance for Troy

Over the weekend the Jacksonville Jaguars signed Troy Williamson to a one-year deal, avoiding having to tag him as a restricted free agent. Williamson likely knew he had no leverage when it came to negotiating, so he opted to sign the short deal over an original draft choice tender, which would have paid him $1.176 million for one year.
February 22, 2010

Jaguars RFA Report

JagNation has received numerous questions on twitter and the message board about the Jaguars being interested in certain free agents, only to find out that most of the names people are curious about are in fact restricted free agents. Here I will explain a little bit about how restricted free agency works, what each tag means, and which Jaguars are restricted free agents (RFA).
February 18, 2010